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Education & Employment Diversity/Equity Quarterly is a publication of Creative Concepts/Systems, a firm providing innovative reponses to contemporary issues of education and employment diversity and equity to business, educational and community organizations. Creative Concepts/Systems draws on an extensive network of individuals and groups in a broad cross-section of ethnic, cultural and national groups to offer resources and information. This facilitates cross-cultural communication for mutual benefit. In the view of Creative Concepts/Systems, all people have cultures. For that reason, subscribers can anticipate positive information pertaining to all ethnic, cultural and national groups, without exception.

The Education & Employment Diversity/Equity Quarterly was published for a period of time in the 1990's then publication was suspended in order to re-organize and update. We are now preparing to resume publication. Whereas a printed copy of the Quarterly was delivered by mail in those days, the new publication will be available only by online subscription service--a more convenient format for today's readers. In preparation for resuming publication, we are inviting submission of articles on relelvant issues in other kinds of educational and/or employment sites. We are interested in publishing information which can be useful to students, employees, parents, community groups, educators, administrators, legislators, nonprofits and directors of private, social and government agencies.

Articles must be positive and constructive, offering realistic and practical solutions for specific problems or addressing issues of wide concern. The goal of the Quarterly is to educate, assist and share information and to facilitate working relationships among those with common interests. A portion of the publication will be reserved for the presentation of information about cultural celebrations, practices, customs and traditions. This will include information to aid travelers in visiting places of cultural significance in the U.S. and globally.

The Quarterly is not a literary publication and thus will not generally carry stories, poems or song lyrics. Our purpose is to provide facts, resources and links needed to improve educational and employment practices and to promote justice by encouraging the inclusion of individuals and groups of diverse cultures, needs and perspectives; providing information and strategies to improve cross-cultural communication for all; and by stimulating collaborative, reciprocal activities and actions with the goal of eliminating social injustices which arise from unlawful and unjust discriminatory practices.

SUBMISSIONS are invited for consideration of publication. Payment at this time will be in copies. To be considered, manuscripts must be double spaced, on one side of the page only and not longer than 2 typed pages. If manuscript is to be returned to sender, a stamped, self-addressed envelope must be enclosed. Inclusion for publication is solely the decision of the publisher. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, however, we are currently working toward resuming publication with the Summer 2006 issue in early June. To be considered for that issue and for the fall, the submission deadline is April 30, 2006.


Education & Employment Diversity/Equity Quarterly is published 4 times annually--Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and is available by subscription only.


Sacramento, CA: Creative Concepts/Systems, 1997 All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction or translation of any part of this work beyond that permitted by Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act without the permission of the copyright owner is unlawful. Request for permission or further information should be addressed to: Publisher, Creative Concepts/Systems.


Suzanne Brooks Publisher
Contributors on location: Australia, Hawaii, Japan, Tonga

Education & Employment Diversity/Equity Quarterly
Creative Concepts/Systems
3325 Northrop Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95864-5024
Telephone: (916)483-9804 Fax: (916)483-9805
E-mail: creative@creativeconsys.com
Internet Website: http://www.creativeconsys.com

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