Women of Color Day has evolved from the work and contributions of many women over many years.  Commemoration of the day recognizes the efforts within individual communities and identifies the extensive history of outreach across racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and generational lines resulting in many collaborations and much mutual respect.
As pictured, "Spirit of Women of Color"—The Exhibit documents these events and salutes those responsible. This exhibit is an evolving work which invites contributions of stories, photos, clippings and other relevant documents and information for consideration of inclusion. Every effort will be made to be as responsive as possible, while maintaining a balanced presentation which represents all Women of Color, with no group presented as a minority. We are all equally important. We are all worthwhile. We can all work cooperatively for mutual benefit to ourselves and our communities. We are proud of who we are, models of action, without anger or surrender, with an attitude of serenity for the world to follow. 

Due to budget limitations, materials submitted for consideration of inclusion in the exhibit cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage.