The International Association for Women of Color Day Speakers Bureau offers an array of exceptional speakers who are available for Women of Color Day and other programs and activities throughout the year in the public, private and corporate sectors. Meaningful, presentations on timely topics are provided by knowledgeable, experienced speakers. Reasonable fees vary. For further information or booking contact

IAWOCD/Creative Concepts/Systems
3325 Northrop Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 483-9804     Fax (916) 483-9805


Suzanne Brooks, M.A.                                                                            CEO / President, International Association for Women of Color Day
Owner, Creative Concepts/Systems

Vocalist of The Jazz Generation, Ensemble

CD’s: “Even Sad Memories Are Sweet”

           “Miles to Go before I Sleep”

Author: Ins and outs: Poems and Stories from the 70’s

             Escape Is Not An Option: Poems and Stories from the 1980’s-1990’s

 Publisher, Education & Employment Diversity/Equity Quarterly

Speaking Topics:

The Benefits of Self Employment
     Cross-Cultural Coalition Building
      Fundraising and Grant Writing
      Do We Still Need Diversity and Equity Training
      Cultural Event Design
      Organizing Meetings, Conferences & Seminars
      Recognition and Awards Programs
      Creative Lifestyles to “Live While Alive”
      Self-Publishing and Self-Recording
      The Benefits of Travel

      Entertainment                                                                                                                                  Interpreting Lyrics Innovatively
      The Politics and Business of Entertainment
.     Recording Vocals
      Working With Musicians
      The Creative Concepts Systems Recording Studio
      Choreography for Vocalists